Panel Descriptions

International Waters’ Got Talent

Are you an excellent singer? Are you an incredible dancer? Do you have some odd benign talent and don’t have any other venue in which you can express yourself? Voltz and StripperVash will be hosting “International Waters’ Got Talent”, the first (and to our knowledge, only) talent show set completely in international waters! Will you disappoint the audience in the same way your parents are disappointed in you on a daily basis? Probably not; our standards are WAY lower! Sign-ups will be taken at the event and we welcome all levels of talent, big or small! Please note: If you have music/video that will be used to showcase your talent, please have it downloaded to a usb flash drive.

Voltz and StripperVash Rip-Off a Bunch of Game Shows

Do you have a ridiculous amount of knowledge of Nerd Culture, Anime, Movies, Music, and/or Video Games? We’re looking for NINE contestants to prove their mettle and flex their nerd prowess in a showdown for the ages! Since all the best game show formats are already taken, we’ll be combining the best parts of all of them into one brilliant mash-up designed to test your mettle, your brilliance, and probably your patience. Who will prove themselves to have the most inconsequential knowledge on the Cruise? Come by and find out!

Voltz and Stripper Vash’s Unofficially Official Cruise Cooldown

Stop by for a really chill and relaxed hang out hosted by Voltz and StripperVash. Want to just sit back and chat with your friends? Want to make some new ones? Want to share some convention stories? Looking to fess up to some crimes you’ve committed to an impartial audience in order to just get that weight off your chest so that maybe you can get a full nights sleep for the first time in over 3 years because the restlessness inside you is starting to become unbearable and your mental state is waning at a rapid pace? Want to share pictures of your cat(s)? Come on by and we’ll see how things go!