The Colossalcon Cruise will have two scheduled cosplay contests to take place during the cruise! Both contests will be more informal in nature, and neither will have a craftsmanship judging in advance. We will be determining winners by crowd participation as well as judges’ discretion.

I’m Cosplaying On a Boat Contest.
The first event will be the I’m Cosplaying On a Boat Contest. It will be a hallway style cosplay contest on Saturday in the conference center on deck 2 from 6pm-7:30pm. Awards and prizes will be given out to the winners!

Swimsuit Cosplay Beach Contest
The second event will be the Swimsuit Cosplay Beach Contest (SCBC for short), and it will be on the beach on Coco Cay on Sunday, at 12 noon. Please refer to the map below in order to find the location (the red circle near the top of the map). All swimsuit cosplays are welcome, whether they be store bought, closet cosplays, or handmade! Winners will receive an award as well as prizes!